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The Case Against E-Readers

This article appeared a month ago in The Washington Post. This paragraph is significant:

There’s also the environmental argument. Think of the trees!

Yet the soundness of this case is arguable. The earth metals we’re using up to build e-readers and tablets are not just rare but highly toxic. And think about all that energy needed to run servers and cooling fans. And remember, trees are a renewable resource…

The article also reiterates the idea that is gaining ground in many places, that the e-readers, if internet connected, have “too many off-ramps.”

Over 92 percent of those I surveyed said they concentrate best when reading a hard copy. The explanation is hardly rocket science. When a digital device has an Internet connection, it’s hard to resist the temptation to jump ship: I’ll just respond to that text I heard come in, check the headlines, order those boots that are on sale.

Read the full article at Washington Post.

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