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Send the Light Adjusts Canadian Minimum Orders

Send the Light Canadian StoresCurrently, in order to qualify for the shipping discount from Send the Light — which requires accounts to be current and invoices paid on or before the 10th of the month following — purchase orders must contain a minimum of 15 units. (Total units, not line items.)

Recently, the company announced that would convert to a dollar amount, $150; but in an announcement today, as of February 1st the minimum will be 20 units instead of 15.

An expedited surcharge of 6% of invoice value still applies.

We’ve used their online payment system and find this to be the most efficient way of getting payments to them on time. No bank drafts, money orders or postage stamps; you simply pay by credit card, and the system is secure.

While their database is not as large as Spring Arbor’s, they offer a wide variety of book and non-book merchandise, and their Advocate Distribution subsidiary provides exclusive fulfillment for many publishers.

We also encourage our home-school customers to browse their homeschoolstore.com website and then call us if they see anything they need. It’s nice to know that absolutely everything they see is available and we can promise them no additional shipping costs. We also pledge home-school customers a real-time U.S. conversion rate on their materials, not an automatic percentage factor.  (They already face many costs, especially with larger families.)

Send the Light also provides Light Post, a dealer magazine which contains print listings of all forthcoming releases from dozens of publishers. This is a great tool — along with utilizing the Latest Releases tab on their website for making sure that your store is current and you’re not missing any key releases.  There’s also an auto-release program that lets you increase or decrease quantities, or, for Canadian stores desiring ITPEs, pass on a hardcover title entirely.

Canadian publisher representatives still are able to offer better pre-pub and re-stock percentages, but for those more obscure orders, or emergency back-fill on key titles, order consolidation through a distributor like Send the Light is most efficient. 

Remember, however, your smaller orders will still complete, so make sure you’ve achieved the 20-unit minimum.

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