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Blessings Ceases Operations in BC and Alberta: Four Stores Close

Confirming what we have been aware of four a couple of weeks, Mark Hutchinson, President of Blessings released the following statement to us this morning, confirming the closure of all four stores:

Blessings Christian MarketplaceFor the past several years, Blessings has run at a continual financial deficit, with the losses in the past two years running into the six figure range.  To continue further after this fashion would simply be poor stewardship.  It is with a very heavy heart that we have begun the pursuit of amicably and honorably winding up our operations, being left with no other alternative course.

Our Edmonton retail location saw its last customers on Saturday, January 10th and our Langley retail location served until close of business on Thursday, January 15th.  Our Calgary location closed in 23rd and  our Chilliwack  on January 31. We  served with tremendous spirit and dedication until  the end.

We would like to extend a heartfelt and sincere thanks to the hosts of faithful customers who have graced our stores with their patronage over the years.

Blessings was at one time a national chain with 23 stores stretching from the Maritimes to the west coast. A restructuring early in 2008 left the company focused on its four stores in Alberta and BC. The announcement means that only a few days into 2015, two stores in Alberta have closed and one has announced an intention to close; all in major market areas.

  1. January 22, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    In researching this, I found this page at Faith Today http://digital.faithtoday.ca/faithtoday/20080304?pg=16 which discussed the rapid rise of the Canadian dollar as the major contributing factor in the closing of the other 19 Blessings Christian Marketplace stores; today we find ourselves in the opposite situation with the US dollar jumping yesterday from 1.2085 yesterday to 1.2374 (at noon). It seems that either way the dollar is moving, we lose.

    Only fixed Canadian pricing will offer us stability and sustainability, but the Canadian distributors claim their hands are tied by US royalty contracts. My last rant about this was two weeks ago, before I knew about all these store closings. The only way that Christian retail will be replaced in these Canadian cities is if the industry can offer fixed prices. Otherwise, anyone who does their homework on how things work will quickly look for better retail opportunities elsewhere. This is the article: https://bookshoptalk.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/to-attract-new-players-to-our-industry-we-need-fixed-canadian-pricing/

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