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The Easiest Form of Evangelism

Recently, author J.D. Greear (Jesus Continued, Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart) reblogged a piece from John M. Drescher about people who claim to be fisherman but never fish. It’s a great (but sad) analogy about people who talk about reaching the world, who form committees and create organizations all about reaching the world, but never step out themselves to do the actual work of making disciples.

It got me thinking about how easy our job is in the Christian bookstore environment.

  1. People come to us.
  2. They’re on our turf.
  3. The context presumes the subject of the conversation.
  4. We are surrounded by resources to equip us in the interaction.

What could be better?

And then it hit me: This is why communities need Christian bookstores. This is why we need to be there as a third space that isn’t home and isn’t church where we can facilitate life-changing conversations. Technically speaking, we don’t have to go out into the world any further. Weddings, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Ordinations, Bereavements, or simply the need of an entertaining story or music CD means that the world comes to us.

In the course of a year, we see the most interesting cross-section of our community; not just church people or the religiously inclined. Sometimes we know we’ve only got a minute or two to be salt; to plant a seed. But we have already gone out into the world. We didn’t buy a plane ticket, we bought a cash register and store fixtures and with that ticket we placed ourselves on the mission field.

It’s so important that we never forget this.

Help us spread the word about mission-focus. If you have friends in the industry who aren’t regular readers here, send them the shortlink to this story:  http://wp.me/pjjot-1ZU


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