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Don’t Write Off Teen Engagement with Print Books



From Nielsen Newswire:

With today’s rapidly evolving technology and ever-present social media changing the way consumers are connecting with the written word, it should come as no surprise that today’s teens are finding and consuming content differently from previous generations. But while we typically associate these youthful consumers with being early adopters of new technology and digital content platforms, the reading habits of those aged 13-17 are a mix of old and new

Despite teens’ tech-savvy reputation, this group continues to lag behind adults when it comes to reading e-books…

While teens might prefer reading traditional print, their paths to discovery are more dependent on word of mouth—and for today’s connected teens, this often means social media. Young readers are heavily influenced by what their peers are reading and what they’ve read before. Teens, especially teen girls, are more social about their reading compared to older generations, with 45% of teens at least moderately influenced by references to books on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter…

Series especially benefit from the bandwagon effect social media can create. The biggest single source of influence for teen readers is enjoying an author’s previous books. So while authors and publishers have a challenge trying to hook a teen reader in the first time, they’ll likely have an easier time getting them to stick with that author.

Read the whole article at Nielson Newswire

The graphic is from a report on the findings at Business Insider UK.

HT: Tim Underwood



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