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Last 12 Pre-Dec-25 Days Critical

Some ideas that occured to me on the drive home last night:

Going to the Well Once Too Often – There are some things that are selling out that are still worth getting in again, but there are some other titles which you need to say, “They’re sold out.” The trick is in deciding which is which. If it’s core stock that you’d want to have in the new year, while there may be restocking opportunities in January at better discounts, better to have it for the final few days if you think you can move it.  Here in Canada, music restocking is fast and cheap with Red Hot Rush in effect. The opposite problem to going to the well too often is not going to the well enough in the final days.

Some Like it Hot – With colder weather settling in, you want your store warm enough for staff, but not so hot that customers, wearing coats and warm shoes, will stop browsing and want to return to the fresh air. Store temperature matters if you want to keep customers looking.

Cast Your Nets on the Other Side – By now you have a clearer picture of what is moving this year and what isn’t. Take merchandise that people haven’t discovered and swap it out with what’s moving in other parts of the store. (Customers who already bought those things will provide some word-of-mouth advertising for them by now anyway.) Find merchandise from the back and let it spend a day up at the front counter. Take two shelving areas and do a simple left-to-right switch.

Is This Giftable? – We get so caught up in selling “resources” that we sometimes forget this next few days are all about selling gifts. Find things that are worth highlighting to customers and give them prominence, and make staff aware of them.

All Prices Great and Small – Remember that’s it’s not just about significant packages tied up with string for significant people, it’s also about stocking stuffers and gifts for coworkers and casual friends. Feature products that are (a) around $25-30, (b) around $15, and (c) under $5 and don’t forget Sunday School teachers are often looking for class gifts under $1.

Any suggestions from your store you’d like to share?

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