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The Problem With Reading eBooks

Christian author and humorist Jon Acuff probably has a few eBooks of his own in the market, but that doesn’t stopping from biting the proverbial hand that feeds his family of four. For him, the issue isn’t eye strain or type size or fear of accidentally sitting on the tablet while wearing spiked jeans, it’s the device itself:

Jon Acuff 4…I can’t read books on a Kindle or an iPad.

Notice I didn’t say “Don’t like to” or “Don’t want to,” I said, “can’t.”

I physically can’t do it because there are too many exits.

If I have access to the Internet, there’s not a book on the planet that has a shot of getting my undivided attention. If I have access to the Plants vs. Zombies game app I’ll drop a book in a heart beat. If I have the chance to shop for other books that the book I am currently reading referenced, forget it, I’m gone.

I know I can turn off the wifi for an iPad or a Kindle. I can do lots of little tricks that essentially make it as escape proof as a book. But it’s still not enough. There are too many distractions for me to go digital with reading…

Read the full article at his blog.

  • Related — Yesterday Christian Retailing reported that Parable.com has ceased selling eBooks. Spokesperson Sally Ross is quoted, “We’ve seen consumer demand shift to physical books ordered on Parable.com to ‘pick-up in-store…”  Click here to read the full story.
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