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CanCon3: China, My Challenge

In a U.S. dominated industry, I often hear both customers and insiders asking what my store is doing to promote Canadian authors. So today, we conclude our series promoting three Canadian authors.  Today we feature Doris Goheen who is representative of a number of authors whose work is published by Essence Publishing in Belleville, Ontario, or their subsidiary imprint, Guardian Books.

Doris lives in our town and has been a customer, but again we find ourselves wrestling with needing to determine what promotional vehicles exist to drive customers into the store seeking the book. Sometimes a book of this type is of interest to select customers in a broader market, and so online sales from people in a variety of locations will account for a greater response than anything that can be accomplished in the author’s hometown.

China My Challenge - Doris GoheenPublisher Marketing: Finding myself thousands of miles from home in China, unable to write, read, understand or speak the language, I realized I was suddenly ostensibly illiterate.

With none of the resources available to me back in Ontario, I was forced to draw on the years I spent attending a one-room Ontario school where resources were few. The Christmas concerts we did every year meant that the words of the carols and plays were still in my memory, as were the words and tunes of songs popular in 1950s-era Canada, which are so loved by China’s young people today.

Doris Goheen grew up in the village of Newcastle, Ontario and on a farm just north of Port Hope. She currently lives in Cobourg on the north shore of Lake Ontario. After retiring from teaching many years in Ontario, she spent a year teaching English in a college of tourism in northeastern China. When not writing, she spends her time working on her family farm, researching genealogy, traveling and studying the Bible.

This title is also available as an e-book from the following retailers: Apple’s iBooks Store (available only on the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), The Kindle Store and the KOBO Bookstore.

ISBN: 9781460001592  paperback $15.00 130 pages

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