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CanCon 2: Voices in the Wilderness

In a U.S. dominated industry, I often hear both customers and insiders asking what my store is doing to promote Canadian authors. So today, we continue our series promoting three Canadian authors.  Today we feature Judith Utman from Brockville. Her book Voices in the Wilderness is available to Canadian stores from Ingram at a short discount or from the publisher, Sands Press.

Voices in the WildernessPublisher Marketing: Jack Davidson has all the experience he needs for any survival situation — or so he thinks. As he prepares to instruct his next basic navigation course on Seeley’s Mountain, he is unaware of an evil headed his way that will change everything. His students are expecting a pleasant getaway from their high-pressure lives in the city, but their weekend soon turns to terror and puts their rudimentary survival skills to the test. As suspicions build and events begin to spiral out of control, they soon turn to and against each other and learn more than they ever expected.

Voices in the Wilderness is more than just a novel; it is a powerful work that has the ability to thrill and entertain as well as to teach readers about the unfailing strength of the Lord. One reviewer claimed that “The Holy Spirit ministered to be in and through this book.” I believe that many who read Voices in the Wilderness will share in these sentiments, and will enjoy this unique approach to the adventure genre that glorifies God and all that He does.

464 pages Paperback  9781449767556 $30

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