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CanCon 1: Sisters in the Son

In a U.S. dominated industry, I often hear both customers and insiders asking what my store is doing to promote Canadian authors. So today, we kick off a series promoting three Canadian authors.  The first is Diane Lindstrom, who I got to meet last summer and since then we have been corresponding somewhat regularly.   Her blog is titled Nice One, Nana. Sisters in the Son: Reconnecting Older and Younger Women is her first book and is easily available to Canadian stores through Ingram/Spring Arbor.

Sisters in the SonPublisher Marketing: Women are inherently relational. They naturally respond to people, particularly other women. So, what happened to the days when older and younger women regularly met to work, play, and pray together? I get it-our lives are busy and our days are full-but we’re missing out on the unique opportunity to do life together.

In Sisters in the Son, Diane Lindstrom humorously weaves her personal story with the “why and how” journey of creating OVERFLOW! -an innovative group of multi-generational, passionate life learners who want to experience community at its finest. No formality. Just keeping it simple and keeping it real. Grab a cup of tea and snuggle under a warm blanket. Take those ear buds out and flop down on your bed. Read with an open mind and an expectant heart. Young or old, you can humbly, yet confidently ask God to enlarge your sphere of influence for Him and have fun in the process.

Diane and her husband, Chris, live in a small cottage on a big lake in Beaverton, Ontario. Their house is big enough for everyone to visit but small enough that no one wants to stay! Diane frequently speaks at women’s retreats and updates her blog daily.

256 pages Paperback; Xulon Press; ISBN-13: 9781629523521 US SRP: $ 16.49 US  – Std. Disc.

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