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Curriculum Consolidates at Cook

Years ago, when our store sold Sunday School Curriculum, we had one particular church that had a free market approach, allowing individual teachers to choose from curricula that they liked. So three different suppliers were involved. It was, to put it mildly, all very tedious.

Today, that would not be a problem, as David C. Cook Canada announced several weeks ago that they would be fulfilling orders for Standard Publishing, and Gospel Light.  For the record, the lines they represent now include:

David C Cook
Reformation Press
Scripture Press
Gospel Light

If you are already logged in to Cook’s b2b site, these links take you to a .pdf of order forms for the Winter 2014-15 quarter. To the best of our knowledge, this leaves Concordia still with Foundation, Group Publishing still with Word Alive, and Augsburg plus a variety of United Church and Anglican Church resources still with Augsburg-Fortress Canada.  (Corrections to that are welcomed.)

It also means that Cook now has a relative monopoly on curriculum and Christian music and greeting cards. They are the supplier that no Christian bookstore can exist without! But that also means the various departments in your store can combine orders and save on shipping costs.

Our store has a minimum shipping threshold with Cook.  We’ve seen shipping as high as 8% of net, but as the orders get larger it drops very quickly into as low as the 3% range.  That doesn’t mean you have to create orders of a certain size. For example on Monday we submitted an order for a single title that they only had two copies left. It locked it in, but didn’t generate new shipping.

So while changes over the past few years have meant that many of the individual suppliers we once dealt with are now longer around, increased efficiency means lower freight costs, and fewer payments to issue at the end of each month.


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