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Price Gap for Select Retailers is Simply Too Great

The Canadian list price in the CBA market for the Heaven is for Real DVD is $35.99. We’ve tracked the Wal-Mart price since release, and it has been as low as $21.99 in some stores (with a free Blu-Ray) and fairly steady at $23.99.

We’ve assumed it’s high for reasons associated with its U.S. MSRP. Nothing can be done, right?

But then we discovered Foundation Distributing’s 72-Hour participants are offering it for $24.99.  Eleven dollars less.

Don’t get me wrong. Flyer program participants spend a lot of money to purchase and distribute flyers which in turn create wider awareness of the product and secondary, spillover sales well after the sale has ended. They deserve a break.

But the gap is simply too great for this retailer to fathom. It leaves me feeling that somehow, in some indirect way, we would be subsidizing the cost to the other retailers.

We don’t sell the Heaven is for Real DVD in our store. Not with Wal-Mart a mile away.

And definitely not with fellow Christian retailers leaving our customers with the sense that we are ripping them off, especially after we’ve told them that $36 is the price of the product. Nobody needs that type of price discrepancy circulating in such a specific market. It makes us look either completely dishonest or like fools who can’t properly run a retail enterprise.

No matter how matter-of-fact or dollars-and-cents we think our action is, there is an underlying morality to everything we do.

Moving forward, we are increasingly focusing on feature product of our own making, not what this industry tells us we have to sell.

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  1. September 15, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    I just got one copy in of heaven is for real. havent stocked it yet. Its not fair and I wont support the price gap. I would be so frustrated to buy from a store and then find it somewhere else in town for a third cheaper.

    • September 15, 2014 at 6:28 pm

      We had a staff member who wasn’t aware we weren’t carrying it, so an order got through. The customer was really upset when we told her the price. New customer, too; second visit in a week; now I wonder if we’ll see her again. We gave her $4 off, but that was still $10 higher than Wal-Mart in her view.

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