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Independent Authors Crave Market Access

Increasingly, we are getting requests from independent authors looking for ways to break into the CBA market in Canada and beyond. Occasionally I will evaluate the merits of a product and if the discount is amenable, will carry one or two of these products in my store.  I’m assuming that as retailers, you are seeing more and more of these requests as well. The one below arrived yesterday and is representative:

Just found your blog. I am independantly published under my own imprint, “Songdove Books”, here in Canada. My books are available through Ingram/Spring Arbour and by extension, Bookmanager.com. I’m looking for information on reaching the Canadian Christian audience here in Canada. I’m in the “starving artist” category and doing all current marketing and promotion for free. My author page on FB is: https://www.facebook.com/Marilynn.Dawson.Author?ref=bookmarks and my own blog/website is: http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/ I’m interested in ways and means of getting word out about my books to my fellow Canadian Christians.

A search for this author revealed many physical products. With two exceptions, they are paperbacks under $10 US. The author is most definitely Canadian residing in Kelowna, and her bio mentions “singing on the praise team” at her church and “doing multimedia” which reflects an Evangelical background. But the discount is only 25% which is problematic, and some of the books have low page counts, which means that face-out they are seen, but spine-out they are not. Also these books all have the same title, but aren’t labeled “Vol 1” or “Vol 2” in the titles, but there are clues in the annotations.

On the other hand, another check I use is, “Is the author being carried by Christian bookstores in her home town?” We found the books easily at Bell Tower Books listed as special order titles.

My encouragement to booksellers would be to continue to investigate some of the requests you get, as they can turn up significant product which will be off the radar of A-zon or CBD.

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