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Christian Book Shop Talk Blog: Now in its 7th Year!

who do I talk


Seven years ago I began this with the idea that what we do in Christian retailing can be confusing and foreign to outsiders and sometimes you just want to dialogue with people who can relate. The first post was appropriately titled, “Who Do I Talk To?” Unlike my two primary blogs, this was launched specifically with Canada in mind, and we’ve kept a majority Canadian readership, though the issues are often far greater.

Comments emailed directly to me now well exceed comments posted on the blog. Not sure why, but appreciate the contact either way.

As a writer, I now get more review books sent to me because of Thinking Out Loud than I ever did as a retailer. As a consequence, I am continually falling more and more in love with the world of Christian publishing. (And, it must be said, the One about whom our industry writes.)

I am both an industry insider and an industry outsider. I deliberately avoid industry gatherings for reasons I won’t get into here. It suits my personality to simply labour in the trenches in a small(er) town. I’m down to one store now, but we’re committed at the very least through Christmas, and if the opportunity for growth happens again, we have all our store fixtures and some stock in storage.

The first eight months of 2014 have been rough for Canadian Christian bookstores, but we’re seeing glimmers of hope. There’s a new bookstore opening in northwest Toronto next week, and we’ll have more on that here on the blog on Tuesday.

In the meantime, have a great Labour Day weekend.

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