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Saturating the Market with Overstock is not Counterproductive

remainder book publishingSome Christian publishers’ products turn up on remainder websites and overstock lists more than others. Baker, Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, etc. all spring to mind with occasional appearances by Waterbrook, Broadman and FaithWords.

Other Christian publishers are conspicuous by their absence: David C. Cook, InterVarsity, Tyndale, NavPress, etc.

As a retailer I want to promote frontlist product, but at the same time, we live in price-sensitive times where anything that gives that bookstore an edge is helpful. So offer both an outlet store presence and a full-service bookstore presence in our community. The right blend is crucial. That’s been the key to survival.

The publishers who do offer us overstock have made a friend. Several friends actually, as customers discover new authors and book brands.

And — I can’t stress this enough — many of the overstock titles end up being reordered at full price as word-of-mouth promotion raises awareness.

To those publishers who are willing to toss out a few bestsellers as overstock, we thank you. To those who divert any overstock to other channels — especially one or two online vendors — raise this topic in the boardroom or at least consider bringing back the yellow-tag SuperSaver concept that was more popular a few years ago.


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