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Why It’s Safer to Stay With Major Publishers

Control the WeatherHere’s the publisher marketing on a 2013 title a friend encountered…

…To have victory over potentially bad weather, and keep from reaping its devastating effects on your property and family, there are steps that every “believer” or person of faith needs to know and to take in advance. In “Guide,” [Ilene] Saidel will teach readers how to use what God has already given them to command the weather. Walk in your authority and protect your life and family from “intruders.” See the protection of God on a whole new level.”

I don’t think this would resonate with people who have been in areas of the United States that have been impacted with flood, drought, tornadoes and hurricanes. Praying for rain is one thing; having control over the weather is something only God can do, and many theologians and Biblical scholars believe that while God can intervene at will, many times the natural consequences of a fallen earth are allowed to play out.

At times like this I am reminded that bookstores like ours are safer to stay with the major publishers — Baker, Zondervan, Harvest House, Cook, Tyndale, etc. — and even then it’s good to use discernment.

You may have a market for books like this one, but generally speaking, the axiom is true that “the cream rises to the top.” You also don’t want to be inadvertently promoting errant doctrine that might lead people astray.

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