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Bill Hybels on Simplifying Your Life

I am a huge Bill Hybels fan and would review this new book in a heartbeat but alas, all I ever get from Tyndale is empty promises.  (Still waiting for my promised Wayfinding Bible promised over a year ago, too.)  But I want to promote Hybels’ latest — releasing August 19th —  so here is the intro to a story at Publisher’s Weekly…

Simplify - Bill HybelsTechnology and modern conveniences have made life easier, right? Not so much. The mental crowding and frenzied busyness have actually made life more stressful and demanding, according to Willow Creek founding pastor Bill Hybels. In his new book, Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul (Tyndale Momentum, Aug.), he addresses packed schedules, the 24/7 workplace, overspending, and other anxiety-producing maladies. Hybels talked with PW about how practices like visualization, mental reorganization, and internal housecleaning that can free people from he calls “soul clutter.”

In Simplify, you use the phrase “energy bucket.” Could you explain what that means and how it factors into simplifying one’s life?

As humans, we aren’t wired for working 24/7. We need downtime, rest, play, rewarding relational and spiritual connections, which breathe life back into us and help us give our best to the things that matter most. “Energy bucket” is a simple word picture I have found helps people visualize what gives them energy versus what saps their energy. To live simplified lives, we must be constantly attuned to how much energy we have available, and do what it takes to replenish ourselves…

continue reading at Publisher’s Weekly

Canadian Stores: This title may be backordered from FDI in a ITPE. Make sure your customers realize the ITPE is not available from U.S. online vendors.

Disclosure: Tyndale was for decades on my top five list of favorite publishers. I still use the NLT on my devotional blog, Christianity 201, somewhat extensively and recommend it to bookstore customers even as its best editions disappear from the market. Bloggers and book dealers can’t let industry politics stand in the way of promoting good product, unless, as in the case of Lifeway small group curriculum, the whole structure is simply suspect or counter-productive.

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