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Kickstarter Project Proves Canadian Market Will Pay

Canadian Christian retailers who think the market here for high-end Bibles is dead might be surprised to see the final stats for the Bibliotheca project on Kickstarter. Bibliotheca is an elegant four-volume issue of the ASV, American Standard Version. The original goal was $37,000, but the project greatly surpassed that:

Bibliotheca KickstarterBut one of the funding options specifically identified Canadian customers (even though the shipping was stated as an additional charge):

BibliothecaIn other words, 5.35% of the orders identified as Canadian. As a retailer, it astounds me that nearly 800 Canadians would want the ASV in any format, let alone at $105 USD including shipping. But it also amazes me that there even were 800 Canadians wanting to own the set.

It signals to me that the market isn’t as tight as we often believe it to be. It’s also possible that social media (Twitter, etc.) connected buyers who might not frequent our somewhat Evangelical-based retail stores. It’s also possible that some of these purchases are speculative, hoping the esoteric book set might be worth more in the collector’s or antiquarian book market.

Of course, sadly, this is yet another project which bypasses the CBA retail market; it represents more dollars spent outside our stores; and it’s also another item that people will be seeking down the road and no amount of searching in Ingram or BookManager will locate it. 

UPDATE: This project did not escape the notice of Michael Hyatt who wrote extensively about the significance of this for all publishers.


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