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Send the Light’s Take on Church Furniture

I am a regular reader of Send the Light’s New Releases page.  Each day I scroll through the list to make sure I’m not missing anything.  This week, there was no avoiding the large number of products from Eagle One.  There are a total of 1,505 items. Some of which may catch your eye, such as these bar stools:

Bar Stools at STLI decided to visit the manufacturer’s page and yes, they are bar stools in the traditional sense of the word. Send the Light also lists a bench that sells for $10,720.00 and a metal table for $3,414.00 and you’ll also see a number of Adirondack chairs (what we call Muskoka chairs here in Ontario).

I wrote to Send the Light for clarification as to what was going on with this, and they assure me this is a legitimate line of “outdoor church furniture,” no doubt perfect for churches with a “summer at the cabin/cottage” theme going on. There are also a couple of Recycling Centers for $1,906.00 and for the less environmentally-minded, some trash receptacles.  There is a moveable message sign, large picnic tables, and there is actually a podium which I suppose could be used as outdoor church furniture.

While we couldn’t spend a lot of time researching this subject, we did dig around to note that even with a dealer discount, there are online vendors offering the same product from the same manufacturer for far less.

So…today’s question is: What do you think is the market for bar stools in your store?

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