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Waterbrook Fall Releases: Highlights

WATERBROOK_LOGOThanks to Norm at Augsburg-Fortress Canada, the Canadian distributor for Waterbrook/Multnomah for a look at the fall listings:

  • Cindy Woodsmall’s Sisters of the Quilt series releases in mass market paperback, one book per month, in June, July and August…
  • …Then in September, Cindy’s A Love Undone, which deals with how the Amish handle divorce.
  • Josh and Ryan Shook’s Firsthand moves to paperback; a must read for anyone who grew up in church but never took personal ownership of their faith.
  • Parents Chris and Kerry Shook’s Be The Message releases as a book and as a devotional.
  • Stephen Furtick releases a devotional edition of Greater.
  • Nick Vujicic offers us a second ten-pack of a 64-page booklet, The Power of Unstoppable Faith. (His other ten-pack, Your Life Without Limits is still available and a great impulse item at the checkout.)
  • Moving into October, Kim Vogel Sawyer is back with When Mercy Rains.
  • Also in October, Randy Alcorn returns with a paperback titled Hand in Hand, which deals with tough theological issues such as the concept of free will.
  • In November, after a long run with Zondervan, Andy Stanley is back with Multnomah with a book and a small group DVD for a series he recently preached at North Point (which I didn’t miss an episode of) called Ask It.
  • Finally, the big curriculum release is an author new to me, Matt Heard, who brings us life with a capital “L” available as a book, DVD, participants guide, and combo pack.
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