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Remainder and Overstock Product is a Win for Everyone

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At first glance, the benefits of buying remainder and overstock product seem rather obvious:

  1. Sales draw customers
  2. Savings leave customers feeling good
  3. Stores usually get a slightly higher margin
  4. Stores can stock a wider range of product with a smaller investment

But there’s an often overlooked benefit, and that is that remainder and overstock product often introduces customers to authors and series they would have otherwise never considered. This often results in orders for related product, or even a kind of “reverse remaindering” where the store subsequently decides to stock the product at full price because local demand has been established.

So the obvious question is, “Why don’t all publishers see the benefits and offer remainder product?”

Among Christian publishers, historically Baker Book Group as well as Zondervan and Thomas Nelson (when they were individual entities) have led the way on this. Although I haven’t seen much product lately, we always did well with remainder titles from Harvest House Publishing.  In the U.S., Broadman and Holman has a number of channels through which it liquidates overstock and deleted titles.

But some publishers apparently don’t play the game at all with Tyndale House being one of the largest companies with no remainder profile. I once asked someone at InterVarsity Press (IVP) why they don’t have more remainder titles, and they simply said, “Our books all sell.”

Publishers: I know this involves walking a tightrope, but I really think releasing a few skids of bargains here and there would actually do far more good than harm. For Baker and HarperCollins Christian, the practice is a win for everybody concerned.


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