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Dave Ramsey Books: Problem Solving or Problem Causing?

Lately, my schedule has been such that Dave Ramsey’s call-in radio program coincides with time I’m in my car. He seems compassionate, knowledgeable, and there are moments when I wish he dealt with topics other than personal finances, as I think he might make a well-rounded Christian talk show host.

But as a bookseller, it always grates that the man who appears to want help people get out of their financial pit publishes all his books in hardcover. Furthermore, because so much of the content is U.S.-oriented, International Trade Paperback Editions (ITPEs) are non-existent.

His most popular titles are:

  • Smart Money, Smart Kids (published last month with daughter Rachel)
  • Total Money Makeover (reissued September, 2013)
  • Financial Peace Revisited (December 2002)
  • Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money (December 2011)

Each is hardback with no trade paperback conversions scheduled. Furthermore a series of 32-page children’s books has also stayed locked in hardcover editions since 2005. On a couple of the workbooks, and a title published for Penguin have seen paperback treatment.

Part of this of course is the U.S. preoccupation with doing first editions in hardcover. In other parts of the world, this simply doesn’t fly. Thomas Nelson, the publisher of Total Money Makeover, has been known to lock some successful titles into cloth-bound status, with the Love and Respect signature title by Emerson Eggerichs being a good example.

The new book (first title in list, above) with daughter Rachel Cruze was published by his own Lampo Press which, in fairness, did publish one of author Jon Acuff’s books in paperback, but published Quitter in hardcover, again with no trade paper conversion scheduled anytime foreseeable. 

My feeling is that if you truly want to help people’s finances, there are a number of practical ways to do this by example.

Researched with data from Ingram International iPage database.

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