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Are All the Faith-Focused Music Distracting People from Reading?

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Have your store sales been slower during the first quarter this year? Part of the reason might be the large number of faith-focused movies: Noah, Son of God, God’s Not Dead, Heaven is For Real, Irreplaceable, and more forthcoming this year including Mom’s Night Out releasing early in May.

When you factor in tickets, popcorn and possibly parking or paying a babysitter, many of your store customers may subconsciously — or consciously — feel they’ve met their Christian media obligations for the entire calendar year. Or maybe movie nights have simply drained their pocketbooks.

Furthermore, the brain becomes hardwired to accept visual media as a substitute for written media. Watch enough movies, and that becomes your habit; you find yourself checking the theater listings instead of wondering what new book titles or music albums have released.

Don’t get me wrong; I am happy to know that the message of these films is being taken to a much broader marketplace — some say that theaters are the new sanctuaries — and I’m not forgetting the eventuality that these films will be available for sale in my store on DVD. I’m just saying that this is another competitive force which is distracting attention away from what are the latest book or CD releases that we need to consider, and yet another reason to temper our buying and restocking impulses.

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