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More Supplier Direct Marketing to Consumers


David C Cook Canada Direct Marketing

I have to admit, in hindsight, it seemed too good to be true. Most Sundays find my wife either leading worship from the piano or backing up other worship leaders on bass. As a former worship leader myself, we both enjoy articles about modern worship trends, so when David C. Cook Canada offered her a free CD for signing up for a newsletter, we took the bait.

This week, we found the hook in the bait. She’s being offered 25% off three CD titles. That’s really the meat of the e-mailed newsletter. When you think of the vast number of worship-related articles that are published each week on various worship-themed blogs and websites, they opted instead for a mini-devotional (their words, not mine) and then the pitch for 25% off new releases by Paul Baloche, Rend Collective and Kari Jobe.

I let them know what I thought of all this:

…If anyone in our area on your list buys a CD through you, then you are stealing sales from us.

Everything that undermines the local bookstore, whether it’s Amazon or betrayal by our own suppliers, brings our entire industry one step closer to complete shutdown.

This is basically what it comes down to these days. Distributors want to see the numbers they have all grown accustomed to. Jobs depend on it. So it’s sales by any channel and at any cost.

The irony is that just before I saw the e-mail, I took David C. Cook’s dealer survey. As I also told them,

This afternoon I was asked to do a survey about ways David C. Cook can help us in our ministry; but apparently there is little concern for how David C. Cook can hurt us in our ministry.

This type of marketing hurts. Technology allows the company to swoop in like vultures and grab sales in our territory before we know — if we ever do — what’s happened.

But we’re Christians, so we’re all expected to smile and be gracious about it.

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