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Find and Promote Your Own Titles

Last year a couple of books cracked our Top 20 listing that probably weren’t on yours. They weren’t local authors nor were they something that a particular church was using for a group study. They were simply books that I latched onto and started recommending.

You can do the same.

The advantage is that you don’t face competitive pressures when it comes to price. This week, CBD is back to selling Not a Fan and One Thousand Gifts for $5 each. Even with the exchange rate plus shipping and handling, that’s below your cost and mine.  The key is to find titles that aren’t on their radar, but to sell them passionately, you have to know about them more than just superficially and/or have read them.

Life Changing Power of the Holy SpiritWhile we’re on this topic, I just want to again mention the book that we ourselves were instrumental in bringing back to press a couple of years ago, The Life Changing Power of the Holy Spirit.  In this book, Christian leaders from the middle part of the last centuries were interviewed on radio as to their beliefs on the power and work of the Holy Spirit and then the transcripts were edited and published. Leona Frances Choy author, public speaker, radio personality, headed Chrsitian radio station WTRM in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and has authored or collaborated on 15 published books, and her articles and stories have appeared in over 70 different periodicals.

There are 2,000 copies in stock at Send the Light using ISBN  9781600661556

Another strategy is to find recently-remaindered books or titles that have been placed in overstock due to wrong bar-codes or prices or minor cosmetic issues. Properly and strategically chosen, you can beat the online vendors at their own game by offering discount books that they don’t have or can’t price match you on.

A final strategy is to be your own remainder/discount source. Find books that didn’t work and prior to doing returns offer them at close to your cost. Or if you’ve missed your return window, don’t wait forever for them to catch on; slash the price as you would if the title was featured at low margin in a flyer or catalogue. You can also place recently discounted books on display with older remainders to give a display an overall fresh look, making the old books seem more new and relevant and causing customers to take a second look at them.

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