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Study Guide in the Spirit of Your God Is Too Small

Distorted Images of GodYour God Is Too Small is a classic, pocket-sized paperback that in its first half — the half people generally refer to — breaks down a number of false ideas people have about God. This is a rather vital subject matter as these wrong pictures of God are as pervasive in the modern church as they were when J. B. Phillips wrote the book in 1961, which is proably why the book stays in print. However, as contemporary as Phillips’ writing was at the time, some of the language seems dated today, and furthermore his twelve twisted pictures of God take up only 38 pages in the small book; you blink and you’ll miss them!

So I was surprised to learn that a solution has existed since the summer of 2012 in the form of a Lifeguide Bible Study from InterVarsity (IVP) titled Distorted Images of God. If people feel that God is emotionally distant, that He raises impossible expectations, that He is isn’t listening, or that He is inconsistent and random; this eight-week study might be a good alternative to doing a character study or book-of-the-Bible study.

9780830831456 $8.00 US; 64 pages.

  1. Judy greene
    April 24, 2015 at 9:17 am

    How can I order this book?

    • April 24, 2015 at 9:43 am

      InterVarsity Press is distributed in Canada by David C. Cook, who all stores deal with. The current Canadian list price is $11.69. In Canada or the U.S., it’s possible your local Christian bookstore has this item in stock already, as many keep the full range of LifeGuide products, which are great for personal or group use.

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