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Book Retailing: Talking to a Survivor

Indie Bookstore Interview at HuffPostWe’re having a weather day today that is possibly going to the the one that pushes us over the brink. 42 of the past 48 straight days have been extreme weather in one form or another, and a partly overlapping 9 of the 14 days preceding Christmas had weather factors. Large businesses have capital reserves to tide them over during tough times. We don’t. So the timing of today’s piece about surviving is ironic.

We sourced this while looking for something else. It’s actually dated December 9th, which is almost two months ago, but it’s worth reading if only as a reminder of the basics. Mark Rubinstein of Huffington Post interviews an independent bookstore owner in Connecticut about everything from having chairs, carrying greeting cards and accessories, people using the store as an online showroom, and the return window for unsold titles. The store is 4,800 sq. ft and stocks between 15,000 and 20,000 titles at a time. Just prior to the interview they had acquired an additional 1,800 sq. ft. next door. Click here to read Staying Alive in a Digital World.

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