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Pete Wilson’s Third Book Will Connect With Readers

What if you have a customer who has never read a Christian book? Assuming there wasn’t a particular issue you’d been discussing — you just wanted to give them a taste of Christian authors — you’d probably choose something from that catch-all category, ‘Christian Living,’ and odds are good your default choice might be something by Max Lucado.

But what if your friend was at an earlier stage of life and might relate better to someone who is raising a young family, with all the turbulence that tends to bring? I think one of the three books by Nashville pastor Pete Wilson would make the ideal gift, and furthermore, I think Max would agree.

Pete Wilson - Let Hope InPete Wilson’s third book, Let Hope In: Four Choices That Could Change Your Life Forever (Thomas Nelson) continues the conversational and transparent writing (and preaching) style evidenced in Plan B, and Empty Promises. Packed with stories from Pete’s life (so far) and illustrations from other sources, the book connects with readers on various life challenges, and could be read devotionally over a couple of weeks, or in a concentrated reading over a couple of days.

The premise of the book is simple: All of us are impacted and impaired by our past mistakes and failures, and we have to override what those past experience are telling us and, with God’s help make proactive choices.

There’s a really lame ‘footnotes’ page at the back that gives you the impression that not a lot of research went into Let Hope In. That is simply not the case, as a closer look reveals the scripture passages alluded to, but not directly referenced. Or as one reviewer suggested, ” Every chapter is filled with quote-worthy statements, scriptural support, and stories.” The book is informal, almost casual yet is still rich in application points.

Mostly, the thing about Pete Wilson’s writing that shines is that he’s working through the same issues as all of us do; he is a fellow traveler on the journey; he writes about the things that all of us long for.

Watch a video preview for Let Hope In.

Read an excerpt from the book at Christianity 201..

Read what others are saying about Let Hope In.

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