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Canadian Gospel Music Asssocation Honours Lando Klassen

Lando Klassen - CGMA Lifetime Achievement Award

GMA Canada awarded Lando Klassen a Lifetime Achievement Award during
ceremonies held November 6th at the CTS Studios in Burlington, Ontario as
part of the 2013 Covenant Awards. GMA Canada (Gospel Music Association
Canada) recognized Lando Klassen’s 40 years of dedication to Canadian
Gospel music artists. Beginning in 1973 as “The House Of James Book And
Record Shop” in Mission, B.C., the Christian retail store was birthed out
of a coffee house that began in 1970. The cozy 12′ by 40′ space had a
suite in the back, where Lando Klassen and some of his friends lived. As a
music-loving, enthusiastic teenager Lando Klassen created a place where
faith was put to work in real and practical ways. And music was always a
part of the ministry.

From its humble beginnings, House of James grew exponentially over the years,
eventually moving to Abbotsford and its current 12,500 square-foot Through
time Lando Klassen made his store a gathering point for Canadian artists,
with a coffee house and stage that have played host to artists as diverse
as Brian Doerksen, Steve Bell, Carolyn Arends, Greg Sczebel Starfield, Dan
Bremnes and many The little coffeehouse that started in the 1970¹s may
have had a face lift or two, but the ministry is still the same.

Lando Klassen joins a list of other industry builders who have helped
Canadian Gospel music impact both Canada and the world including Gerry
Scott (Image 7 Records) and Arlen Salte (Breakforth Ministries). GMA
Canada also awards their Lifetime Achievement Award to artists. This
year’s artist award was given to Servant, with 6 members of the band
accepting the award during the ceremonies in Burlington. Previous artist
winners have included George Beverly Shea, Tommy Hunter, The Daniel Band,
Hokus Pick, The Toronto Mass Choir and Rhythm And News.

~photo of Lando and Kathy Klassen, and story supplied by GMA Canada

  1. landoklassen
    November 14, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Thanks for mentioning this ,Paul. It was a real honor to receive this award. It has brought much joy to be involved with Christian music in Canada. I just love connecting folks with live music or recorded music. I am grateful to my wife, kids, parents and siblings for their continued supoort over the years. And to our great God who has given me strength, wisdom, joy and courage for this journey. Also to my supportive staff and to all the musicians who keep writing, recording, traveling and performing.

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