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Steven Furtick’s Royalty Claim: A $1.7M House

Steven Furtick 3When megachurch pastors’ or televangelists’ excesses make the headlines, it usually doesn’t concern us as retailers, except insofar as we have to decide where to invest our inventory dollars, who to support, who to promote and who to (by our carrying and giving display space to a product) to endorse.

But Steven Furtick’s claim that his $1.7 million (US) home is paid for by his book sales is an extravagant claim for an author who has only two primary books in distribution.  The blog The Wartburg Watch has been covering this story, and as they got into the royalty question yesterday, I thought it helpful to leave this comment:

Furtick’s publisher, Waterbrook (a division of Random House) felt they had a sufficient hit on their hands with Sun Stand Still and committed what I would consider a tactical error by releasing Greater only in hardcover. (Americans love first edition hardbacks, but this is a tight economy.) In addition to both books is the rarely mentioned Seven Day Miracle DVD and Participant guide released on February 5th this year. Plus there is the added income from audio books of the other two titles.

But add it all up and it doesn’t account for the type of revenue necessary to support the claim that the books ‘paid’ for the house, though I will accept ‘are paying’ for the house if one wishes to be optimistic. ‘Slowly paying,’ perhaps.

February 11th, 2014 will mark the release of Crash The Chatterbox in hardcover, DVD, and Participant Guide. It will be interesting to see if all the recent publicity helps or hinders sales. The Christian bookstore market may shun Furtick, but the big box stores seem to embrace authors who can grab headlines.

Is the reason for my last sentence that the world, at large, considers greed sexy?

The Wartburg Watch article is creatively titled: How Steven Furtick Turns Mediocre Books Into Mansions. (Other reader comments offer specific royalty estimates.)

The latest update from Steven Furtick’s hometown NBC affiliate, WCNC, is linked here.

If you’re new to this controversy — quickly emerging as the current major religious scandal — here’s our original report at Thinking Out Loud.

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