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Toronto Outlet Combines Wholesale and Retail Functions

Joe Rizza - Joseph's Inspirational

On Monday, I spent an hour visiting with Joseph Rizza of Joseph’s Inspirational a wholesale/retail Christian book business located in the northeast suburbs of Toronto.  Joe is a regular reader of this blog, but we had never met face to face; but even more striking is that Joseph’s Inspirations has been on Markham Road in Toronto, just north of HarperCollins Canada for nearly 25 years, but it took us that long to track them down.

Ostensibly, when you enter, you see a Catholic bookstore, but many of their visitors come from other denominations, and while that product isn’t necessarily stocked, the friendly staff are more than happy to obtain anything for their customers.  There is a very impressive children’s book and Bible story section, as well as a large selection of giftware. But unlike other stores, this isn’t done at the expense of books, which are well represented.

In the back of the store however, there is a wholesale division, representing publishers including Paraclete Press, Word Among Us Press and Ave Maria Press. We picked up copies of Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight, books by Chris Haw and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (both of which have a connection to Shane Claiborne), some classic writings and some early Henri Nouwen titles. We also bought several copies of a comic format book explaining the story of St. Francis (which is timely right now).

There’s actually also a third division of the store, which deals in Catholic Church supplies and has a separate warehouse area.

Joseph is also a reader of this blog and it we had a great time, even if I did drop in unexpectedly and turned out not to be the “angry curmudgeon” I sometimes sound like in my writing!  I would wholeheartedly recommend this store for anyone looking for a Christian retail source in Scarborough, Markham, Stouffville, or Pickering; and hope to give them more wholesale business in the future. Their address is: Unit 39, 2721 Markham Road, Toronto M1K 1L5.

  1. Joseph
    November 5, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for dropping by our store yesterday.

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife and we wish you both a blessed Christmas season.

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