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The Closest Thing to an Interview with Jesus Calling author Sarah Young

Sarah Young CT ArticleYou know it’s a different set of circumstances when Christianity Today’s “interview” with a living author doesn’t contain the author’s photo. This isn’t Ste. Therese of Lisieux or Ste. Hildegard of Bingen we’re talking about; this is a best-selling author currently residing in Nashville, as in United States. I guess it’s not so much that the images don’t exist, they do, but the reclusive author probably requested CT do otherwise. She actually did the interview through a publicist, which meant that CT had to do a journalistic two-step when “quoting” her.

Nonetheless, it’s the most info we’ve had in a long while, so I encourage you to take the time to read all six pages of Melissa Steffan’s piece, Sarah Young Still Hears Jesus Calling.

If you wish to see further discussion of the book, check out Ryan Dueck’s article and the 100+ comments at this 2010 blog post.

  • Sarah Young isn’t the first to write as God speaking in the first person. Larry Crabb does this in 66 Love Letters, as does Shari Rose Shepherd in the His Princess series of books. But going further back, we also have author Frances Roberts, best known for Come Away My Beloved which follows this same format.
  • Two years ago, Canadian blogger Tim Challies covered this book as well.
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