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Maximizing Your Facebook Page

Here are a few things we’ve learned, some recently!

  • It’s okay to post frequently, even daily, if you keep it short, interesting and informative.
  • Make your Facebook page a ministry by including scripture selections and video clips that have ministry value.
  • Use lots of pictures but make sure they fit the page; don’t assume people will click through to see the full size image. (See below.)

To make pictures fit you need some type of graphic program.  We like one called Irfan.  It’s free at this website.  Find images you want to use, and then paste them to the viewer. Then click on the tab marked “image” and select “resize/resample.”

The ideal size you want for Facebook is 403 pixels wide.

You can also explore other aspects of the program to add color or swap colors or add intensity.  Here’s one we used yesterday on our site:

7 Men Facebook

In our computer, this file is stored as “7 Men Facebook” to differentiate it from “7 Men Eric Metaxas” which we use on our website.  Here’s an example of adding color.  Since the basic color scheme of the book is grey/blue and you don’t want to change the image of the book, we simply added some blue:

7 Men Example

You can also use Irfan to create instant graphics, for example you can take this:

October 23 – 28

which was typed directly into this blog page, or you can even use a blank e-mail; and turn it into this:

October sale

This type of thing adds life to your Facebook page.

To check out what we’ve been doing, visit “Searchlight Christian Books;” or for other ideas use the Facebook search feature and type “Christian bookstore” or “Christian books” to visit other stores’ pages from around the world.

(If any of the graphics above don’t appear normal, try refreshing the page!)

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