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Tyndale to Assume Industry Services for NavPress

While I don’t normally duplicate stories that are carried at Christian Retailing, I’ve had a number of emails and other off-the-blog comments about a story late in the week concerning the announcement that Tyndale Publishing House is going to provide marketing and fulfilment services for NavPress. The decision means that twenty-two of twenty-nine employees — or 75% of the staff — at NavPress have had their positions terminated. Publisher’s Weekly carried while Christianity Today linked the story to 40 layoffs at another Colorado Springs employer, Focus on the Family.

In a world of mergers and acquisitions, Tyndale can offer NavPress, a ministry of The Navigators a greater efficiency brought about by economy of scale. But in many ways, it reduces NavPress to a type of virtual publisher. Nav offers Tyndale access to Bible study material the latter has never had. It also means greater synergy for Bible sales, as NavPress has The Message while Tyndale is home to the New Living Translation. Both represent the leading edge of more modern Bible translation. NavPress continues to retain its autonomy and ownership of its catalog.

The CR article cites “Tyndale’s well-regarded marketing prowess, sales talent and operating platform.” The CT article notes that NavPress, “closed two magazines and laid off nine employees in 2009.” All the articles, including PW, noted that “This kind of alliance is part of Tyndale’s history. For 20 years, it has had a similar partnership with Focus on the Family, another Colorado Springs-based ministry organization”

The first product shipment under the new arrangement will commence with the Summer 2014 quarter’s titles.  Conveniently, both publishers are represented in Canada by Foundation Distributing in Orono, Ontario.

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