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Give Customers a Free Taste of Top Authors

I’ve begun a new strategy which involves letting customers get content for free.

No, I’m not crazy. I’m simply telling my customers where to go to find audio or video content by some of my top authors. Then, I tell them when they come back to buy the book(s) in question, as they read, they’ll hear that author’s voice in their head.

I’m hoping that by developing a taste for an author’s ministry, they’ll want to pursue what that author has in print. A few of my customers are taking the challenge. When I read Steven Furtick or Kyle Idleman or even Max Lucado, it’s now their vocal mannerisms and inflections that I hear.

If an author is a pastor, then their church’s media page is the best place to go. But there’s also a wealth of material available on YouTube and Vimeo.  For example, for Francis Chan, I tell them to go to YouTube and type in “Francis Chan balance beam.” This will take them to a short excerpt that I believe will whet their appetite for more. For other authors who aren’t pastors, Liberty University has a page devoted to its weekly convocation speakers, which includes many of the writers we sell. Again, at YouTube, just type “Liberty convocation.” But most of my top authors are also pastors; just get the name of the church right, and then select sermon audio or sermon video from their webpage.

Try this in your store and let me know how it works out.

Tomorrow: Christian Book Shop Talk celebrates five years online!

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