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Trade Book Industry Becomes Increasingly Limited

It’s that time of year when I’m reminded over and over again the extent to which book trade retailers are relatively shut out of textbook marketing. There are some titles available, but generally speaking, the discounts make it prohibitive to do so, and a single customer reneging on a $60 short-discount book can be devastating to a small business. Activating dormant accounts with academic publishers is also costly when processing and payment is factored in.

Of course we’re also shut out of music downloads — except for the largest stores than can afford to put in a burn bar — as well as the whole eBook sector.

WalMart VeggieTales couponWorse, we get excluded from special offers put through for special retailers; examples of which:

  • A Joyce Meyer 60-minute DVD and 48-page book at Sam’s Club for $7.97 (neither sold in stores)
  • A Veggie Tales buy-1-get-1-free offer at WalMart (see image at right; this was attached to product we received) with a bonus upload
  • A special paperback of a Thomas Nelson title granted to CBD; not even international editions were available in paper; CBD needs only buy 5,000 to get this offer 
  • The special editions offered in what is called the “premium” market to broadcast TV and radio ministries
  • The large number of authors who make curriculum offers exclusively on their websites
  • The vast number of out-of-print titles that were going to be available as print-on-demand, until eBooks were simply too easy a solution
  • The countless number of music singles now being played on Christian radio which are exclusive to iTunes

Of course, added to the frustration is having to explain the textbook market to customers who don’t see the distinction. To them, a book is a book.

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