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Single DVD Introduces 12 Authors and Teachers

You have small group customers with three small groups doing the same curriculum, but one of them had to cancel one week due to illness and another is two weeks behind. So the problem is, how do you fill in the space for the groups that are ahead?

Your have churches that find the glut of DVD study resources a bit bewildering and want your individual leaders to be able to select their own studies, but the challenge is, how do they gain familiarity with the different authors, pastors and speakers? 

You want your staff to really to get better acquainted with the authors and speakers whose products you sell, but an army of part-time staff with other jobs and family commitments can’t invest the time in product knowledge. Is there a fast track to getting to know some of these pastors and Christians leaders without traveling to conferences? 

You have individuals who aren’t part of a local church but want to engage in study curriculum. How can one person afford to access DVD resources?

Best of Small Groups DVDEnter a product from Henderson Publishing called The Best of Small Groups. This weekend I’ve been watching and listening to Volume 1 in the series. (Volume 2 is now also available.) The DVDs contain 12 samples — the full first week’s episode — of a number of DVD curricula from a variety of producers and publishers and can also be used with a study guide that is sold separately or available in a single copy in a packaged edition with the DVD. Brett Eastman serves as a host creating continuity for the series through is introductions and closing comments for each one. The actual DVD presentations range from 16 minutes to the dramatic story of 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper, which is 38 minutes.

Some of the videos are recorded before a live audience, some are shot on location, one is done like a Christian talk show format, but all represent the finest Bible teachers including Francis Chan, Kyle Idleman, Max Lucado & Randy Frazee, Chip Ingram, Randy Alcorn, Erwin McManus, John Piper, and others.

The “cut and splice” nature of the product means there are some mis-matched audio levels, and not all the material is going to be of interest to every group, but generally speaking, this is a resource that deserves much broader recognition.

A Volume 2 of this product is now available, though some of the names of the teachers on that one will be new to all of us. Even if someone is not involved with small group ministry in your church, this product represents excellent value-for-money in terms of inspirational teaching and getting to know some great writers and speakers. And opening a copy for staff development or instore play is certain to pay dividends.

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