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Flashback: Christian Book Shop Talk – July 2010

Three years later, I still have the book in this story; I keep it sitting next to my desk as a reminder…

Meeting the Demands of Print on Demand

The book is 63 pages long. The actual content begins on page eight. That means the book is actually 56 pages.

But it’s only printed in the middle of each page. Over 50% — at the top and bottom — is white space.

That means the book is 28 pages, when compared to most other trade size paperbacks.

The Canadian selling price is $23.95 (with a short, 20% discount). That’s nearly $1 per page.

The book is To Understand Each Other: Classic Wisdom on Marriage by Paul Tournier, published by Westminster John Knox Press.

The customer canceled.

I’m stuck with the book.

But I’m sure you have your own stories to top this one of excessive price demands by publishers of print-on-demand or facsimile reproduction books. Since many of the publishers are using the same source, Lightning Print International, there should be limits on pricing; although some will argue that in capitalism, the price is the highest the traffic will bear. And some will insist I got off lightly compared to other POD product.

And someone will want to post a comment saying I should have found out the page count ahead of time, or taken a deposit.

True. Or I could just stop doing this at all moving forward. You don’t get to “order” things in a grocery store, and right now, that retail model is looking increasingly appealing.

Hey, if anyone needs a copy of this book, let me know, okay?

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