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Finding the Right Giftware Mix

Walk into the book departments of any of our stores, and you’re almost certain to see certain titles front and center. Book Manager, the ECPA and Christian Retailing Magazine are constantly providing us with bestseller lists, not to mention the daily Top 100 list at Ingram, the cumulative sales lists at Ingram, and the Top 50 list at Send the Light.

But walk into our giftware departments and you’ll see great variance from store to store. In some stores, there is a very small overlap of suppliers used let alone individual SKUs. True, each market is quite different, but this is an area where owners’, managers’ and buyers’ tastes account for the uniqueness of the gift presentation in each store.

Abbey Press CatalogIn our small(er) market environment, nothing beats Abbey Press. I was quite happy to get the new catalogue last week — click the image at right to see more — and have already drafted an initial order. Here are four reasons why I like this company’s product line:

  • All of the products are occasion-oriented, and the catalogue reflects this. They aren’t simply nice products, but they are products made especially for special gift-giving events that arise throughout the year.
  • They are a Catholic-based company that clearly understands the broader Christian bookstore market. While their catalogue reflects their original roots, they know what sells, and what people are asking for.
  • They’ve found the sweet spot for pricing. Nothing too cheap that pours energy into a low-return sale, nothing too expensive that drives the customer to look elsewhere. Plus, they seem to be improving at this as time goes by.
  • The service from the Canadian distributor, Augsburg-Fortress Canada is absolutely superb. They bend over backwards to ensure satisfaction.

Watch for the catalogue in your mail if you haven’t received it; or contact Augsburg Canada if you’re not already carrying this product line. They didn’t ask for this article, nor have any foreknowledge I was writing it, but believe me, you’ll thank me for trying these products in your store.

  1. July 9, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Thank you so much for this wonderful affirmation of Abbey Press. Creating great gifts of faith, family & friendship is our passion, and providing great service is our pleasure. We always strive to improve both our products and service — to better meet our customers’ needs and to be faithful to our mission of spreading the Word. We humbly acknowledge that we would not be able to do what we do without the support of wonderful partners like Augsburg-Fortress Canada and all the stores in which they serve.

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