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Background Music at the Store

The CD player in our store is mediocre at best, but the built-in AM/FM receiver is useless, unless of course the station is broadcasting next door. I think our unit is filled with all manner of electrical wiring in the ceiling left over from the days it was the CFMX-FM studio.

But then last summer, a radio station did start broadcasting almost next door and it was a Christian radio station at that. We put up a welcome on our changeable letters sign by the street, and kept local people informed through our Facebook page and blog and through an email dedicated to sharing their broadcast schedule.

On the issue of actually playing the station in the store, I might have been seen as less than fully supportive. There are good reasons for playing the station all day, and good reasons not to. 

Five reasons not to play local Christian radio in the store:

  1. There is a lot of talking, which makes it hard to talk.
  2. Sometimes we have no idea what music they are playing
  3. Some of the music is only available on iTunes
  4. There is the risk of customers hearing advertising for competitors; that would be awkward
  5. News and commercials are a distraction from store browsing

Five reasons to play local Christian radio.

  1. We want to be supportive of local ministry
  2. We want to be in touch with events in our community
  3. We want to know what music they are playing if customers ask
  4. Other than the WOW CDs, we don’t have options for music variety
  5. We want to lead by example in encouraging others to listen

Store owners, managers and staff: Let me know how you achieve balance on this in your market. Do any of you use streaming audio from stations in other markets like K-LOVE or WAY-FM?

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