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Randy Alcorn’s Heaven in Comic Book Form

Although the title is Eternity, there’s no mistaking that when Heaven author Randy Alcorn writes about the afterlife, his view of ‘new earth’ overshadows some of our Sunday School notions of an ‘up there,’ ‘out there’ heaven. If only those ideas hadn’t been so drilled into us at an early age, right? Well, this could be the solution. Though the publisher blurb says the focus is on the story of The Rich Man and Lazarus, the comic book format could appeal to younger readers, though the $16.99 US SRP means not every kid will get to see the 120-page paperback.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Eternity - Randy Alcorn - Graphic NovelLEESBURG — While still a small segment of the Christian publishing world, Biblically-inspired graphic novels and comics are increasing in popularity with major publishers such as Thomas Nelson and Zondervan launching entire lines to address the growing demand.

It’s the market Kingstone Comics, an imprint of Leesburg’s Kingstone Media Group, is tapping into.

With each Kingstone release, founder and CEO Art Ayris said the universality of comics becomes increasingly evident. The latest release is the graphic novel “Eternity” by writer Randy Alcorn…

…Family Christian Stores and LifeWay Christian Stores carry Kingstone Products, which are also available through top Comic apps including ComiXology, iVerse Media as well as the Kingstone Comics app on iPads and Droid devices.

The company is focused on the release of “Eternity” as well as the 12-volume Kingstone Bible project, which is expected to be the most complete graphic adaption of the Bible ever done, releasing in 2014.

“We’re producing the volumes as fast as we can — the artistry is incredible” said Ayris. “The stuff we have coming out will make peoples’ eyes pop.”

Rosemarie Dowell

Available to trade bookstores at Spring Arbor and Send the Light | 9781936164257

  1. June 20, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Sound really cool… I’d like to introduce my 8 year old son to it…

  1. June 20, 2013 at 6:46 am

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