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Word Guild Presents 2013 Awards

You know you’re in Canada when it takes 15 minutes of hunting online to find out who won the national Christian literary awards. Finally I took to Facebook and discovered the link to the story which was not at all apparent on their website. The headline was: Christian Sex Book Walks Away With Top Writing Award.  And why not? Sex sells.

word guildMississauga, Ont. – The Word Awards, the 25th annual writing awards for Canadian writers and editors who are Christian, was a celebration of words, but also a celebration of the gifts God has given to Christian writers and editors, said Denise Rumble, Managing Director, The Word Guild.

The Word Awards, held on June 12, honoured the work of 28 writers in book and article categories for work published in 2012.

It was a book about Christian sex that walked away with a $5,000 literary award. Sheila Wray Gregoire of Belleville, Ont. won the Grace Irwin Prize for The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex (Zondervan), a book written for married women.

Ray Wiseman, who headed the Grace Irwin judging team, said “An intimate and often detailed guide for young women, but a must-read for all married persons and those planning marriage. Well done, Sheila, for daring to write a ‘how-to’ book that ministers to a crying need in the church.”

“Do you know how strange it is to be the Christian sex lady?” laughed Gregoire, as she accepted the award – Canada’s largest literary prize for writers who are Christian, given in honour of the late author, classics scholar and ordained minister Grace Lilian Irwin.

I don’t want to be the Grinch here but if these awards are meant to encourage Canadian writers, hasn’t someone who landed a contract with Zondervan already won a major prize?  Just sayin’.

The article continues:

Winners for all awards of the gala evening were chosen from among 285 competing entries from across Canada and beyond – 146 books and 139 shorter pieces, primarily articles that ranged from longer features to book reviews. Canadian songsmith Steve Bell of Winnipeg won The Word Award for best lyrics for “Oracles” (Signpost Music).

Work published in Faith Today magazine featured prominently in the evening, with writers winning in the categories of Profile/Human Interest, (Richard Erlendson of Calgary for “The Life of Peter Penner”); Long Feature (Karen Stiller of Port Perry, Ont, for “Hemorrhaging Faith: Why They’re Leaving); and Short Feature (Bill Fledderus of Hamilton, Ont. and Karen Stiller for “Canadian Women are International Leaders”).

Several authors made repeated trips to the podium to collect awards recognizing their work. Lawrence Brice of Port Rowan, Ont., took home the top prize in the Instructional Book and Apologetics/Evangelism categories for Confident Faith: In a World That Wants to Believe (Deep River Books). Margaret Terry of Burlington, Ont., won for her book Dear Deb: A Woman With Cancer, A Friend With Secrets and the Letters That Became Their Miracle (Thomas Nelson) in both the General Market and Life Stories categories.

Echoing the experience of many who attended the event with family and friends, Jordan Hageman of Mississauga, Ont. – and winner of The Word Award for best blog series – said, “I was a closet writer for many years. I looked for like-minded people and I found The Word Guild.”

Jayne E. Self of Orangeville, Ont., who won for best book in the Novel – Suspense category for Death of a Highland Heavyweight, captured the celebratory and encouraging mood of the evening when she said, “It’s such a pleasure to be in the company of so many amazing writers.”

Many of the finalists and guests at the celebration, along with others from across Canada, are meeting from June 13-15 at the 29th annual Write! Canada conference in Guelph – Canada’s largest conference for writers who are Christian.

The Word Guild is a national association of writers and editors who are Christian. (www.thewordguild.com)

We decided to reproduce the whole article here because apart from Facebook, it was impossible to find. But if you wish to read at source, or send the link to a friend, or post it on your store website, click here.

To anyone at The Word Guild reading this: All of the original links in your story could not be preserved here because they were rejected by a filtering system at WordPress — something that has NEVER happened in six years of writing approximately 7,000 posts on four major blogs. Fixing your seriously messed up  online presence should be Priority One in the post-awards month.

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