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Wanted: Christian Greeting Card Supplier

We needed more Bridal Shower cards, so I simply selected an item from a description without actually seeing the artwork. The problem is that you can’t see individual retail cards on the Dayspring consumer website because you can’t buy them online. However, in the space allocated to comments and special instructions, I put a note saying, “Please do not ship the Bridal Shower card if it is dorky.” Yes, I really wrote that.

It was more than dorky. The card featured this caption, “There Will Be Showers of Blessing.” The line is play on words related to a hymn, “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing,” but this card is being given to young brides, with an emphasis on young. I don’t what things are like in Elgin, Illinois — home to Dayspring Cards — but most of the brides getting married where I live have never sung “Showers of Blessing.”

I mentioned this to someone who is aware of my ongoing frustration with Dayspring and they replied, “They need to get out of the house more often.” We really need some supplier competition in this market to shake up and wake up the existing dominant supplier.

Seriously, do these greeting card designs not go through a vetting process, or does someone simply come up with what they believe to be a good idea, and then 100,000 or 250,000 (or whatever their press run is) cards are immediately printed and added as an update to the grids of stores across North America?  Which dealers sit on their advisory committee? How many hours per year does the creative team spend in retail stores?

Also in Elgin, Illinois is the home base for Harvest Bible Chapel. I’ll bet it is a very large church. Dayspring staff should visit sometime. They’ll discover they don’t sing “Showers of Blessing.”

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