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Keep Books on Hell Prominent

This time it’s Dan Brown, not Rob Bell that might stir further interest in the topic of Hell.  Publisher’s Weekly reported that Brown’s Inferno could spark (pun intended) a sale of books on the topic and also noted some new titles you can add to the mix:

Houses with roots in evangelical Christianity, which considers hell a real, physical place, also have some new titles, including Harvest House’s What’s the Truth About Heaven and Hell? Sorting Out the Confusion About the Afterlife by Douglas A. Jacoby (April) and Bethany House’s Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell and Winning the Battle for Eternity by Jack Graham (Aug.). Andy McGuire, Bethany’s acquisitions editor, says the interest in titles about hell and heaven might be the result of a “backlash” against a more scientific worldview. “I think people are rebelling against a sort of pure scientism or naturalism and saying, ‘I want to believe in something more because I am something more.’” Aaron Dillon, publicist for Harvest House, also thinks interest in hell and heaven is driven by a reaction. “When you see things happen like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing, that can prime people to look for resources like this,” he says. “It is a perennial topic, but there is a bit of a surge now.”

The article also mentioned the following book, but note the two underlined sections I’ve added:

“Surge” is a good word to describe the trajectory of Heaven is Real But So is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What’s to Come by Vassula Ryden (Alexian, Mar.), which is so far the most successful of these hellish books. Ryden, a Greek Orthodox woman who describes herself as a mystic and seer, serves up a prophetic vision of the afterlife and current events. Her self-published book hit some heavenly milestones–#1 on BarnesandNoble.com for more than a week, #3 on USA Today’s religion bestsellers list, and #12 on PW’s hardcover nonfiction bestsellers list, among others.

The book is not available at CBD or Send the Light.

Read the whole article at Publisher’s Weekly

From time to time there are books that while you might get asked for them, you might not want to carry them in a Christian bookstore environment. If you hear of titles like that, let us know so we can share the info with others.

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