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Canadian Chart Underscores Music Sales Volativity

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but the May 2013 page at YourMusicZone.com currently consists of only 13 items, and two of those are in Spanish and two are instructional DVD/ROMs. Hey guys, I need product to sell. I need product to attract customers into my store. That leaves us with two DVDs and seven albums, two of which are “best-of”s and one of which is the new Amy Grant.

Yes, Amy Grant is back. Of course so is Bryan Duncan, but he doesn’t have a major label deal. Not yet. So he’s fundraising a la Kickstarter at indiegogo.

What got me going on this was sitting in my car today with nothing to read but the last two music charts from the M&M (music and media) division of David. C. Cook Canada. Eighteen albums disappeared from last month’s chart. Several of the ones that replaced them were chart re-entries of older titles, a few were new.  That’s one third of the chart turning over every month, which shows the volatility of the contemporary Christian music market. You can use the chart to check inventory or plan new purchasing, but it’s possible 30% of the titles won’t appear there 30 days from now.

Such are the times.  But hey, Amy Grant is back. That oughta count for something — usher in a new age of music department prosperity, perhaps? Then again, maybe not with the new generation of music buyers, be they wholesale or retail.

We’ll have to check next month’s chart.

>>> Elsewhere this week in music news, EMI Gospel announces a joint partnership with Motown.

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