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Cornerstone: Serving North Toronto

Many readers here are familiar with Toronto’s two largest stores, Faith Family Books in Scarborough and Speelman’s Book House in Etobicoke; as well as the Bible store at the Canadian Bible Society in North York.  But Toronto has had another store for seven years which we had not seen ourselves until this weekend.

Cornerstone Bookshop is located on Finch Avenue West, just a few short blocks from Yonge Street. The store isn’t as large as the Toronto stores mentioned above, but has ample stock in its card, gift, music, book and Bible departments.  The giftware in the window included some attractive pieces at medium price points, and in the Bible section, I noticed a couple of compact large print editions from Broadman I hadn’t seen before. There was a generous assortment of Universal posters, and in keeping with Toronto’s character, a selection of books and Bibles in Arabic. The store carries the Legacy line of greeting cards along with Dayspring.  A flyer at the checkout promotes the upcoming 72-Hour Sale from Foundation Distribution.

Since the original article appeared here, Cornerstone now uses the BookManager platform for online ordering.*

Their biggest challenge is parking, but going just one block further east, we found a side street offering parking on both sides.

This is a store I would have no problem recommending. They don’t have everything in stock, but are committed to serving their customers. If someone needed something to give as a gift, there is no reason to leave empty-handed.

We tried to include a photo here but there isn’t one on the store website and Google Street View was extremely uncooperative…

*Updated December, 2014

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