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If Churches Want Online Bookstores, Bookstores Should Promote Online Churches

I actually sent this to one church in particular on June 29th, 2010. (I truly had nothing to lose at that point.) Found it in my files yesterday…

September begins a new season of ministry in our local churches.   In many cases, people new to the community stop at our store(s) to find out about local church opportunities.   We refer based on their history and the quality of the relationship we have with local pastors and staff.

On Monday, I was in Eastern Ontario and the topic came up of churches purchasing most of their materials online, and the question was asked, “What if you responded in kind when people were looking for a local church?”  Ah, yes indeed.    We never thought of that.  What if we did?

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Looking for a positive church experience for this fall?  

Consider the ONLINE option.   Many churches stream their services live and some offer after-service “chat” where you can discuss the sermon with others.  Others offer large audio and video sermon media libraries; many dating back ten years.   Here are the advantages:

  • choose the kind of teaching you like
  • choose from among the world’s finest pastors, authors and teachers
  • no need to rush to church on Sunday morning — a truly ‘green’ option
  • no need to dress up
  • no need to compete for parking or get kids checked into S.S. and nursery
  • download video to time-shift to a more convenient time
  • compress several sermons into a single day
  • re-watch segments you missed or want to understand better
  • no offering — give online when you want to
  • no offering or announcements down-time; every minute counts
  • no contrived “fellowship” in the middle with people you don’t know
  • no pressure to serve in any capacity in a local congregation

Contact us for information and customized recommendations on website links for sermon downloads and video podcasts ideally suited to you and your family.

Thank you to the many churches who helped convince us that direct-to-home online delivery is the better way to make ministry happen.

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  1. March 16, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    I was invited to speak to the ministerial board this month about supporting the store and its importance to the community. I actually used the comparrisons of online church and online bookstore in the meeting. Google importance on local christian bookstore and most of the things that come up are acturally people questioning that and ranting about how they no longer shop at the local store because they carried joel olsteen or catholic items or Gasp the message bible in the bible section. Google online churches you get tons of posts and blogs of people raving about how great they are and how you still get a community feel. But when I said this to the ministerial I said I think you lose the same thing in both online worlds, face to face, emotional connection, you notice when they dont come and have ways to contact and check up, Moneys donated (or spent) stay local and grow the local body, availble to those who stumble upon it and not searching.

  1. March 15, 2013 at 10:09 am

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