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Betting on the Collectable and Decor Value of Books

From a January 28th (print) Toronto Star story about a series of books that are being re-issued in designer covers at a higher price for those who like the ‘look’ of books on a shelf, this quotes Kristen Cochrane, executive publisher of Random House’s McClelland & Stuart Doubleday:

What makes this series so special to us is that it is a true celebration of the printed book… In a world where the ebook has established a significant presence, we want to remind readers that while the downloadable book is a great, convenient, new way to read, it will never be a replacement for the printed book.  (emphasis added)

Shannon Culver, who works at Kobo added,

There are books that I’ve read in digital and then bought in print because I like the cover.

The article went on to explain that some of the books have an original price of $11.99 but the color-coordinated titles list for $16.95, but are currently available at 2 for $25. The article also noted that classic Penguin titles are always colour coded with the familiar orange template.

Although Christian publishers have brought special editions to market before, we’ve only seen traditionally jacketed hardcovers in conservative clothbound formats. If a trend, this would lend itself to more modern covers to complement interior design.

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