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Wiley Sets Canadian SRP LOWER Than U.S. as CDN Dollar Drops Below Parity

Was it a printing error above the barcode? Not according to the data on Book Manager. The new book Immortal Diamond by popular Catholic theologian Richard Rohr is marked ” $19.99 U.S. / $17.99 CDN .” A recognition of the strength of the Canadian dollar? Or a response to not having an international trade paperback edition to offer? We would have immediately dispatched a reporter to find out, but this is a blog and we have no reporters.

Not all Canadian Christian booksellers have accounts with Wiley’s Canadian office in Mississauga, so most will be ordering through Ingram, since STL doesn’t have this title. With standard discount and Ingram flat rate shipping charges up to 8.5% (depending on your province) and bank exchange of around 3%, that gives you a cost price of $13.40 CDN on a $17.99 CDN item for an effective margin of 25.5%. Not viable, is it?

But all this comes as the Canadian dollar dips below parity with the U.S.– closing yesterday at .9971 US — a situation that is expected to continue based on recent economic forecasting for Canada and optimism for the U.S. currency after averting the “fiscal cliff” earlier this month.

Wiley subsidiary Jossey-Bass does not have any other religious titles announced between now and October, so this pricing policy may be an anomaly limited to this one title. In this writer’s opinion, stores would be advised to overprice the title to at least par.

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