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Pricing Hymnals

Dealing with short discount product.

While they don’t comprise a high percentage volume of our print music sales, people do occasionally ask for hymnbooks. It’s important to remember that when these are priced, they are priced with bulk sales in mind, at a short discount. In terms of the number of pages, actual content, and the work that goes into assembling them, they represent one of the best deals in your store for any hardcover product.

However, a product can’t exist in computerized inventory with two prices. So it becomes necessary to incorporate a standard markup when you sell a single hymnbook to a customer. For that reason, as on any short discount product, it’s important that sales staff not quote the price as it appears in the database.

A 40% discount on book product means the selling price is the cost price X 1.667. If that places the product in too high a range for your comfort, you can always use 1.500 as a slight bow to the posted MSRP. If a music committee is considering a volume purchase for the church, or even for a choir set, you can always offer to rebate the difference on the sample copies when they place their bulk order.

Another challenge with this is that most online sellers consider the database price to be the price, but most don’t offer additional discounting on that price point. Again, we find that a simple explanation satisfies most customers. This problem also arises with some publishers’ pew Bibles, so it’s important to explain to staff the intricacies of quoting prices on short discount items.

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